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Colors Matter:

When developing a line. I also have to think about the color, palette. Seasons matter and I believe that both also have to match. Thinking about the new year and how the Chinese use red as a powerful color to symbolize leader, ship, and growth. The year of the dragon and how every year it's an animal. Last year it was rabbits, so I posted up a banner that had white rabbits, which symbolizes luck.

Usually I wear black with a hint of a color, either on my shoes or a red scarf, or socks a different color. This year I'm going for primary colors. I particularly love the rainbow , so I'm gathering mostly the primary colors off the rainbow for the month of January and February.

March may be different, as some may think that because of spring. This is where I bring in the pastel colors and THE Sakura.

THE Sakura is a book that I wrote about a magical cherry blossom tree. The tones are light, pink, pastel, brown and blue, grayish skies. A fairy like scene, very natural hazy, cozy, and lighthearted. That's how I feel about spring I love spring as I love fall seasons.

Usually summer and winter are very harsh in temperatures. So Summer brings out more of the red again summer sports beach, Hughes of blue and cool tones of turquoise and green. I dislike hot weather, sorry, all the summer people, L O L.

Winter season of course coordinates with Holidays and brings out the blues and whites for the snow. Again I bring out reds greens for the holidays.

I have a book a color book that my father-in-law gave me because he was a photographer. It shows you and guides you what colors are best for each season. A lot of retail brick and mortar uses colors to signify what is in fashion that season You can usually find what color the fashion industry uses for a fashion line 2 seasons ahead.

For children, especially elementary, primary colors are popular!

According to Wikipedia Elementary school, children Boys love primary colors red and blue. Girls love pink.

Children prefer cool colors rather than warm colors. this is an interesting study!

So if you notice the colors for January, I am using mostly primary colors.

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