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COVID Recovery

It's been a really rough December and I feel as if though the month was a struggle to get healthy again.

I have realized that social media has been really great with some that really cared and some didn't even realize you were sick!

Very nice to know who was paying attention.

This Blog is pretty much real when it comes to my other blogs.

That sometimes you realize who has been a great friend and who has been a fareweather friend or even family.

Sometimes I wonder does it really matter to anyone anymore?

Especially the people who you think supposing to be by your side all your life, really aren't there to help support you.

And the people who are strangers are the ones who catch up on life with you.

I reflected on all the posts I have made on social media caring for others and when it came to my illness? Not one call or hey are you okay?

So with that said, to all that reached out.

Hey thank you so much! You know who you all are🥰

It's time to 2023 soon and push the brakes on really wasting time on people who aren't reciprocating.

I thank those who have become really amazing friends and stuck by me all these years.

To me that is definitely love.

Have a wonderful rest of 2022!

Know that there are people out there that do care and with all of my heart blessings to those who really truly do!

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