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Animation time

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

Sometimes Artists get so busy in Business and Entrpreneurship That we forget to be creative. I finally sat down with adobe Character animation and did the step-by-step on layering each piece for cartoon character to animate it is very difficult very detailed very time consuming.

And I manage to animate panty cakes on the Pandyland logo.

I wanted to challenge myself on the detailed part of becoming a graphic designer/animator it takes a lot of time almost the whole day.

So tomorrow I begin the manufacturing part of a small order and then getting back into creating designing preparing and organizing a Business of Cartooning.

So many years I have focused on the education foundation of Dr Zhivago. Now it's time for me to concentrate on my own business and get these characters on the ground.

Here's a little sample of my animation needs a little work and a little tweaking it should be good to go.

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